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At The Mid-Point

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At The Mid-Point

Monday, August 12

Sorry we are a bit behind on updates. Going back to Friday evening we had the opportunity to take a group of kids from the drop in center to dinner and a movie (Lion King). It was the first cinema experience for many of them. They dressed in their best and we all had a wonderful time.

On Saturday we got together with Mike and Natalie Bucher. They arranged for us to go to another church and assist with a gospel film and feeding. On the way there we stopped and saw the second largest display of the 10 Commandments in the world. What a sight! At the church we played games with around 60 kids for a long time and then they watched a Jesus film. After the film we fed them a spaghetti dinner. Because it was dark outside, we drove the kids home in our vans and the leftover spaghetti was shared from the back of the truck throughout the neighborhood. Everyone was so grateful!

On Sunday we attended church with the Buchers, stocked up on supplies at the store, and met up with Robbie and Deanna Nichols to make arrangements for the upcoming week.

On Monday we went to Redemptio Christian School with the Nichols. Our team divided into two groups to clean their school building and clear the lot where they will be building. It was a lot of hard work but again, they are so grateful for the extra help to tackle tasks they just don’t get to. We were able to relax a little later in the day and prepare ourselves for the busy days ahead.

For the next four days we will run a VBS in the morning and basketball camp in the afternoon. Those not helping with basketball will visit families in the community. Please pray for all the kids who will be attending and hearing the Good News. Also pray for our team, specifically for strength and health, as several have been hit hard with colds but are continuing to serve.

Change of Plans…

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Change of Plans…

Friday Afternoon

Coming back from the port after trip to Mindoro canceled due to weather

God is always in control and knows our plans before us. We have learned that flexibility is key on Mission trips. We awoke at 2:00 am to drive a couple hours to catch a ferry to the island of Mindoro. Our team of 16, with luggage and many boxes of food supplies piled into a large truck and set off. Upon arrival to the port, we were informed that it had closed down due to weather. So we turned around and drove several more hours back to the guest house. You get creative with games to play in very tight conditions for six hours! 

While we were disappointed not to visit Threads of Hope, we quickly realized that being on the ferry in a bad weather or being stranded on the island for days wouldn’t be ideal either!  

Upon our arrival back at the guest house we were told we could help with a feeding. Half of our team piled back in another truck and set off on a rough ride to a nearby neighborhood. The kids brought any container they had to the truck where we dished it full of a rice/protein soup. Many took large containers back to their families. We then joined in a small Bible Study for the women in the area. About ten ladies came. We had the chance to briefly share testimonies, scripture, and song with the ladies. It was a precious time. 

Tonight we are planning to meet up with Mike Bucher and some of the kids from the drop in center for a fun evening with dinner and a movie. (Something that is a real treat for them!) 

Night at the movies

Even when plans change, another opportunity arises. Fatigue has set in, as our nights are short and the days are long and tiring. Pray for strength and health for all in our team.


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Once we arrived in Manila, Tuesday evening, we were picked up by vans from Kids International Ministries (KIDS) and taken to their guest house in Rizal. This would be out home base for the this trip.

Wednesday morning we met with Norm Denler to learn about KIDS and take a tour of some of their facilities. During the tour we visited their children’s home, birthing center, Christian elementary and middle schools and the site for their new high school.

The team with Norm and the Nichols at the new KIDS high school site

It was amazing to see how God is working through this ministry and to see Norm’s passion as he explained the things KIDS is involved in and how God has blessed their work.

The last two days (Wed and Thurs) have been spent at Push Cart Community Ministries Drop In Center with Mike Bucher, one of the ministries GROW is involved with. Our main project was painting the inside of the facility. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.

We also served lunch to the kids in the community, enjoyed the kid’s music concert, shared devotions, played games, and showed the love of Christ to the kids. These kids flock to us and desperately want love and attention. Our team spent hours playing basketball in the street, letting the kids climb and hang on them, and having fun together. The kids’ joy in playing with our team is indescribable. A highlight was the kids singing How Great is Our God, with us joining in, and then we sang the Salvation Poem song in Tagalog and they joined in singing with us! So cool!

Tomorrow we head to the Island of Mindoro to visit Threads of Hope which means a 2am wake up call to catch the ferry to the island.

Getting There – Monday, 8/5/2019

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Getting There – Monday, 8/5/2019

Fifteen members of the team arrived at PDX at 6:00am to begin our trip to the Philippines (Sky had to catch an earlier flight to PDX and would meet with the rest of the team there for our flight to Tokyo). Check-in and getting through security was pretty uneventful and before we knew it we were at our gate waiting for our 9:09am flight. Starting at about 8:00, one by one our team members stated getting text notifications that our flight was being delayed until 10:20am which wasn’t good considering our connecting flight in Seattle was scheduled to depart at 11:15am. There was no way we were going to make it in time. After a brief feeling of panic and disbelief we came back to the reality that God is good and even this was happening according to His plan.

After about an hour and a half on the phone with Delta and working with the agent at the boarding gate, we were able get everyone another flight directly to Tokyo that would arrive in time to make our connecting flight to Manila. What a miracle!

Once on the plane, several team members noticed that every seat was full from the front of the plane all the way to the very back row (where three of our team members ended up sitting). How could 15 people make it onto a plane so close to capacity at the very last minute? More evidence that God is in perfect control.

Courtney, Rachel and Julie in the back row

All this just helped to strengthen in us the truth of our total dependence in God and the fact that He is totally in control!

To God be the Glory!

We all met up with Sky in Tokyo and arrived safely in Manila.

Now the adventure begins!

Team Retreat

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Team Retreat

We had our one-day team retreat on Saturday, June 22. We all met at the Church at 9:30 Saturday morning for a time of prayer, study and preparation for our trip in August. Part of the prep was making song boards for the songs we’ll sing at the VBS in Floodway and other outreach events.

After lunch we did a team building activity which involved about two hours of hiking around taking group pics at various locations. It gave everyone a chance to hone their geo-tracking skills and to just get out and enjoy a bit of fresh air and exercise. The hike was similar to the hiking we’ll be doing into the villages on Mindoro.  Of course it will be a bit hotter and more humid on Mindoro.

After the hike we had a BBQ back at the Church and enjoyed and evening of games and fellowship.


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Come to Vacation Bible School at Sunnyside Community Church. Join us July 22-24 from 6:30-8:00p.m. for a fun evening of games, music, and Bible lessons. All kids ages 3-12 welcome!

No Sunday School Or Worship Service Sunday, February 10 Due To Snowy And Icy Conditions

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No Sunday School Or Worship Service Sunday, February 10 Due To Snowy And Icy Conditions

All services have been canceled for this Sunday, February 10 due to snowy and icy conditions.

Easter Sunday – April 1, 2018

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Easter Sunday – April 1, 2018

Join us for the following services

  • 7:00 am  –  SonRise Service at Happy Valley Baptist
  • 9:30 am  –  Breakfast at Sunnyside Community Church
  • 11:00 am –  Easter Worship Service at Sunnyside

Kids Club

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Kids Club

Calling all kids!  Come to Kids Club Sundays from 6:00-7:30pm (see schedule for dates).  All kids ages 3-12 are invited. (more…)