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Join Us Easter Sunday – March 31, 2024

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Join Us Easter Sunday – March 31, 2024

We look forward to celebrating our Risen Savior with you!

7:00 amSunrise Service at Happy Valley Baptist Church
8:30 amBreakfast at Sunnyside Community Church
9:45 amSunday School
11:00 amEaster Worship Service

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE – Sunday, December 24

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CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE – Sunday, December 24

You are all invited to our Christmas Eve Service! Bring your friends and family and plan to join us in this special celebration of our Savior’s birth.


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All kids are invited to a special evening celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus. Join us at Sunnyside Community Church on Wednesday, December 20th starting at 6:00pm for Bible lessons, music, games and more!

CGM Pastoral Care Conference

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CGM Pastoral Care Conference

Pastor Guy will be speaking at the CGM Pastoral Care Conference on October 17-19, 2023 at the Jebez Christian Center in the Philippines. The focus of the conference is going to be The Pastor’s Life & Integrity In The Ministry.

Pastor Guy will be taking a small group of men with him and they will also be working with Robby and Deanna Nichols and other missionaries during their two week trip.

Hey Kids! You are invited to Vacation Bible School

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Hey Kids!  You are invited to Vacation Bible School

Sunnyside Community Church, along with Child Evangelism Fellowship, invites your child to attend a 4-night club with fun activities. VBS will be held August 21-24, 2023 from 6:00-8:00 pm at Sunnyside Community Church.

New Year’s Eve Game Night – 7:00 pm

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New Year’s Eve Game Night – 7:00 pm

Everyone is invited to join us here at the church next Saturday evening beginning at 7:00 pm for a Family Game Night.  Please bring your favorite games and snacks to share.  You can stay until midnight and ring in the New Year with us.

Christmas Eve Service – 6:00 pm

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Christmas Eve Service – 6:00 pm

We hope you will all join us Saturday, December 24th for our special Christmas Eve Service at 6:00 pm.

Steps For Life 2020

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Steps For Life 2020
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Dear Sunnyside Community Church,

I hope and pray you are all doing well and managing through this difficult time we are in and trusting God through it all. I miss seeing everybody every Sunday, worshipping together, fellowshipping, and being fed the Word as a church body in the presence of one another.  Pastor and family are doing a wonderful job supplementing our routine every week to stay connected, not to mention Brent with his exceptional IT skills to make it possible and Julie’s faithfulness putting all the communication pieces together for us. A big “THANK YOU” for it all and giving us a sense of togetherness in today’s world that is full of isolation.

Fundraising at the best of times can be intimidating. Even more so in the middle of a pandemic! Asking people to give in times like this may feel daunting, or even insensitive. In the midst of uncertainty, our natural response is to pull in and hunker down. And, for the sake of our vulnerable neighbors, we are being asked to do exactly that.

At the same time, we know that generosity is an antidote to anxiety. It unlocks our joy and shifts our attention to the generosity of God in Christ toward a world He loves. We are already seeing this crisis inspire incredible acts of courage and self-giving.

The “why” of giving is never clearer than in a crisis. There is a continued crisis/need every moment of every day, even during this pandemic. We have to remember the unborn lives that are at risk constantly.

“Steps For Life” gives us that opportunity to shift our focus from all the uneasiness we may feel and show our love of Christ to the ongoing need of the unborn through giving to the “Pregnancy Resource Centers” where women get the chance to see their baby on an ultrasound and choose life because of it, where the broken who need to know forgiveness and healing from a past abortion decision go through the biblical recovery group “The Heart”, and for those who have experienced sexual brokenness and need to know Jesus through “The Reality Project”. These three programs through First Image focus to not only encourage women to choose life, but to minister and guide the lost to choose JESUS, then impacting their lives and the lives of the unborn today and the ones God already knows because HE is great!

Even though there will not be a community walk/run event this year as in years past due to our current circumstances, there will be a webcast on May 23rd at 10am followed by your personal walk/run with your family AND the fundraiser is going on now!! I have created a church team titled SUNNYSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCH. I think this is the easiest way to let everybody have the opportunity to get involved and/or donate!

To start, simply go to and choose “register today” or “sponsor a participant”. If you want to register to fundraise and be eligible for prizes, choose “join a team”, choose our church name, choose a walk or run (there is not a charge), follow the prompts and fill out the form. Let the fundraising begin! At this point you call, text, IM, Facebook, Instagram, etc. OR whatever you kids are doing these days to reach out and encourage your friends and families to support you in supporting this great cause!

To simply make a donation after going to the same link, choose “sponsor a participant”, choose our church name, follow the prompts and fill out the form. If you don’t have access to a computer and want to donate, please contact me).  You can also encourage friends and family to support the cause and send them the link to donate, just tell them how! There are no limitations on giving!

I really do encourage you to pray about this and donate as you are led. Thank you for your support in the cause and making it a success! Stay safe and healthy!


                                                                                                Angel Powell


Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. Matt 25:40

Sunnyside Community Church Ministry Update – April 12, 2020

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Sunnyside Community Church Ministry Update – April 12, 2020

He is Risen!

He is Risen indeed!

Greetings dear ones, on this glorious resurrection morning.

I trust that, in His unfailing faithfulness, the Lord is encouraging your mind and heart with His truth.  We thank Him for His continued goodness.  We thank Him for the wonderful Spring weather.  Who’s not ready for some sunshine and warm temperatures?  The blossoms are beautiful, and I especially enjoy hearing the birds singing and the doves cooing; all signs of God’s wisdom and goodness.

I trust that the Lord is using the services to enrich your hearts and encourage you.  Thank you for your expressions of appreciation.  It does encourage us (it’s kind of like standing at the door after the service, shaking hands and visiting briefly).  May the Lord bless His Word to the edification of your soul.

As far as we know, this is going to continue on into May, so we will all keep on keeping on.  The men’s Monday morning ZOOM prayer meetings and the ladies Thursday evening ZOOM session continue.  I encourage you to jump into that, if you haven’t already.  Just so you all know, the youth group has also been “meeting” each Wednesday, via ZOOM. 

Thank you for all your continued efforts to reach out to one another, to pray, and to support the church’s ministry financially.  May the Lord bless you with joy in your serving.

May the Lord bless you as you live in His presence this week.  May He enrich your mind and heart with His word, empower your faithfulness by His Spirit, and lead you in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

In the love of Christ,

Pastor Guy

Sunnyside Community Church Ministry Update – April 5, 2020

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Sunnyside Community Church Ministry Update – April 5, 2020

“Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion!
Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem!
Behold, your king is coming to you;
righteous and having salvation is he,
humble and mounted on a donkey,
on a colt, the foal of a donkey.”

—Zechariah 9:9

Dear Sunnyside Community Church,

Blessed Palm Sunday, to one and all.  Today we commemorate our Lord’s celebrated entrance into the City of Jerusalem on the Sunday before His crucifixion; that entrance by which He presented himself, unmistakably, to be the Messiah, the Son of David, the Fulfiller of the Prophets words.  I trust that the Lord will encourage you with the glorious reality of which that entrance speaks, not only of Jesus being the Messiah, but, of God’s redemptive plan and purpose accomplished in and through this Messiah; of the reality that we have hope in the face of all our challenges because the Savior has come, the King has arrived, the Victory is secured.

We thank the Lord for His continued faithfulness and the confidence we have from His word that he will never leave us, nor forsake us, and that He is sufficient for everything that concerns us.  I trust His word continues to be your daily bread and that prayer is a place of encouragement for your own mind and heart and ministry in the lives of others as we uphold one another before God’s gracious throne. 

One thing that we are especially thankful for this morning is that THE NO PARKING SIGNS ARE UP; THE TRUCKS ARE GONE! As everyone knows, this has been an on-going concern for a couple years now.  But this last week, an ODOT crew came through and installed the signs prohibiting the parking of any vehicle 7’ or taller.  We thank the Lord for this answer to prayer.  We thank the officials at the Oregon Department of Transport for responding to our concerns and requests.  And, we thank all of you who took action on this issue, writing letters, sending emails, making phone calls.

Please continue to pray for the general encouragement of our church family, and indeed, for all God’s people, as this situation continues on.  Pray the Lord to uphold our hearts in peace and joy in Christ as we endure this extended time of being separated.  The Lord is teaching us just how precious our comings together are, whether as a congregation or one with another.

Pray the Lord’s blessing on all the efforts that are being made to carry on the work of His church; all the efforts being made by local churches to continue ministering to their members and to their communities.  Pray that the preaching of God’s word, however that is carried out, would be effective for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.

Pray for the leaders of our nation; for the President and Vice President, for governmental leaders at all levels, for health officials, for one and all charged with the responsibility to give leadership to our nation in this time.  Pray for wisdom and discernment in making the momentous decisions that they are called upon to make; for the encouragement and strength of their hearts and minds to bear up under this protracted situation.  Pray that the Lord would work in their hearts to direct them to acknowledge Him in all their ways.

Thank you, one and all, for your continued, faithful support of one another.  I continue to be encouraged as I hear of people connecting with one another, reaching out to check on one another and help however they can.  I appreciate the cards and texts that you have sent to me and to our family.  They encourage us greatly. 

Also, thank you for your continued faithfulness in sending in your contributions.  The Lord has bountifully supplied this last month.  We thank Him and we thank you.

Thank you to all who have been seeing to the cleaning of the church building.  We appreciate your faithful and conscientious service.

As you are well aware, I’m sure, the restrictions on gathering have been extended, at least, until the end of April.  So, at least for this next month, we will not be gathering, but will continue to be posting our Sunday morning worship service online. 

Some “gatherings” do continue, however.  The men’s Monday morning prayer group has been gathering via ZOOM. We will be meeting again tomorrow.   There was quite a group of ladies that “met” Thursday evening and enjoyed a time of sharing and prayer. It’s great to see these things happening.  If you would like to be a part of these meetings and do not know how, please reach out to Julie or myself.

One thing I want to let you know about.  On Friday we will be posting a “Good Friday Service.” The focus will be on the events surrounding and including our Lord’s Crucifixion.  There will be music and Scripture reading and a short message.  This is an opportunity for you to spend some time reflecting on this most crucial event that is the keystone of the Christian faith. 

Again, I want to express my appreciation for those who have taken on additional work during this time to help facilitate the on-going life of our church family.  Thank you to Julie Urback and to Brent Stapleton for their extra efforts.

May the Lord bless you with peace and joy and hope in the week ahead.  May He grant you wisdom in all your responsibilities and opportunities.  May you know the encouragement of His Word and the empowering of His Spirit to walk faithfully with Him.  May He empower you so that in every respect our Lord may be glorified in and through your life.

In the Love of Christ,

Pastor Guy