VBS, Visitation & Basketball in Floodway

Posted on Aug 9, 2016

The last two days have been incredibly busy but also a tremendous blessing.  We began our ministry in earnest Monday with our first day at Floodway.  We met up with Robby & Deanna Nichols for our first day of VBS.  We also met Pastor Bong and his team in floodway.  Pastor Bong’s church is sponsoring the ministry here.  There have been about forty children at the VBS.  They are very enthusiastic and they love to sing.  The team has done a fabulous job with their various roles; helping with the music, teaching the memory verse, teaching the lessons, leading the games, etc.

On both Monday and Tuesday Robby and Deanna have take us to SM Shopping center for lunch; yesterday it was Pizza Hut.  Today it was Starbucks and Indasal (chicken/ pork and rice!!).

Both afternoons it was our privilege to visit the homes of members of Pastor Bong’s church.  Very gracious people.

Then it was on to basketball.  Yesterday we have about 40 kids.  Today it was twice that.  There was hardly 2 square feet of space on the court for each camper.  It was barely-controlled pandemonium, but the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

On Monday evening the Sunnyside Community Church “all-stars” played the undefeated team from Pastor Bong’s church.  We were smartly dressed out in navy blue uniforms graciously provided by Robby.

When the game began it did not look good for the Sunnyside squad.  The Floodway all-stars jumped out to a pretty significant lead.  They were quick and they liked to run.  SS held its own, however, and at half time it was 26-24 Floodway.

During the break we gathered at half court and I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with the players and the fans who were gathered.  We pray God to use His word to draw those who do not know Him to Himself.

After half time the game recommenced with Sunnyside hitting a quick three and jumping out to a one point lead.  We never looked back and the final score was 74-47 Sunnyside (or something like that).

The days have been busy.  Everyone is tired.  But the Lord has been good.  There have been many expressions of appreciation for our being here.  We trust the Lord will encourage the hearts of His faithful servants here through this little contribution that we are able to make.

Thank you to all of you are faithfully upholding us in prayer.  You are sharing in the work as you bring us before the throne of grace.