Sunnyside Community Church Ministry Update – May 31, 2020

Posted on Jun 16, 2020

Good Morning Sunnyside Community Church,

As we rise to this day we are reminded that there is a God in heaven; an eternal, personal creator who is perfect in wisdom and power and goodness, who works in all things for the glory of His name and the good of all who hope in Him.  This day is created by Him and for Him and His chief concern in all that this day holds is the honor of His name.  In view of that, the chief responsibility of all those who hope in Him is to pursue His honor in all they do; to live before Him in a way that is in keeping with who He is and who they are as His created-redeemed people.  To that end we pray Him to grant to us everything that we require to honor Him in this day: the knowledge of His will and the power of His Spirit.  May you know the joy of the Lord and you pursue His honor this day.

We look forward to worshipping together again today, whether you join in person here at the church building or by way of the website.  It is our privilege to be joined together in one Spirit to praise and give thanks to our gracious God and to rejoice in Jesus Christ, the only Savior.  I pray that your mind and heart will be enriched.

We will have a slate of three gatherings this weekend.  There was a gathering last night and there will be two more gatherings today.  We will continue to schedule as many gatherings as we need to provide opportunity for all who indicate the desire to attend.  The Saturday evening gathering will be week-to-week, depending on the need.

As a reminder, we will not have a ZOOM broadcast this morning, due to the poor sound quality. We will let you know when the sermon is available online, however.

In anticipation of next Sunday, June 7, we are still planning to observe the Lord’s Table together.  The communion packs have not yet arrived.  The last delivery date is between now and June 3.  Pray the Lord to see those packets through. 

In the event that they do not arrive we are still planning to have communion.  We will make up our own communion packs that will be available for pick up or delivery and for use by those who gather at the church building.  We will keep you posted.

Also, in preparation for that service I encourage you to listen to the attached YouTube video of Behold the Lamb.  We will be using this during our communion service as a guide for our reflection and meditation.

We certainly need to be praying for our nation in this time of strife.  Pray for the Lord’s mercy to bring the violence to an end, to protect our law enforcement and public safety workers, for governing officials responsible to give direction in this situation.  Pray also for God’s people as they live and witness in the communities impacted by this situation.  Pray the Lord to open the way for the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only remedy for strife and division that is being manifested at present.

Continue to pray for our shut-ins and for our missionary partners laboring to bring basic supplies to the poorest of the poor.

May the Lord bless you with joy as you walk with Him this day and throughout this week.

In the love of Christ,

Pastor Guy