Sunnyside Community Church Ministry Update – May 17, 2020

Posted on May 17, 2020

Greetings Sunnyside Community Church,

I pray that you are encouraged in the Lord as you look forward to this Lord’s day. He who has called us is faithful and will not fail to pursue His purpose in and through His people. We can rest assured that, as we look to Him, He will provide to us everything that we need to walk faithfully before Him, to honor Him as we serve him in the particular station in life in which He has placed us.

As for things to keep in prayer: we want to continue for the relief efforts going on in the Philippines. We received an email from our missionaries this week stating that they are working to provide basic food supplies for 600 pastors and their families. Continue to pray for our missionary partners in the Philippines, as they work hard to help bring these basic supplies to those so hard hit by the shutdowns. Pray the Lord to continuing providing the funds to purchase the food supplies, strength for His laborers and favor with the various governing officials.

Pray the Lord on behalf of our own governing officials that He will give them the wisdom and discernment to lead us well through this challenging situation. Pray the Lord to give strength and wisdom to our first-responders and for all the medical professionals working so hard to care for those in need.

Regarding our own church family, please continue to pray for many with various health difficulties.

The decision is final; the guys will not be going to the Philippines this June-July. Pray the Lord to give wisdom and direction for a trip at some point in the future.

Tina finished up her ZOOM Good News Club this past week. Things went very well and the children really seemed to enjoy it. Pray the Lord to give wisdom for summer ministries and for the GNC ministry next fall. At the present all these things are up in the air.

The Lord bless you on this Lord’s day and throughout this week ahead. May His Word be a daily comfort and encouragement. May the Lord give you wisdom in all of your responsibilities and use you for His glory in your various interactions.

In the love of Christ,

Pastor Guy