Sunnyside Community Church Ministry Update – June 14, 2020

Posted on Jun 16, 2020

Dear Sunnyside Community Church,

I trust that, as you rise to this Lord’s day, your mind and heart are encouraged in God’s faithfulness and goodness, that His Word has been an encouragement to you over the past week and that you are rejoicing in His mercies to you in Christ.  We are grateful for God’s goodness to us and for His sustaining power as we continue sojourning toward the eternal land of promise.

We were anticipating the possibility that by next weekend we might be able to gather as an entire church family as Clackamas County graduated into Phase 2 of the reopening process.  But such will not be the case.  As of Thursday, the Clackamas County officials pushed the pause button due to a recent rise in confirmed cases of Covid-19.  They are waiting for information from the Oregon Health Authority before proceeding.  So, we await word from them.  So, stay tuned.

With some of our church family out of town and others away for other reasons, there are only two gathering times for this week.  I know that some are hesitant to come because they don’t want to be a burden by adding to the numbers so that we are required to go to three gathering times.  I really want to encourage you to consider coming; we don’t want you to not come because you don’t want to be a burden.  You are not being a burden.  We are glad to have you come.  We are glad to see you and, as we have all become a little more aware, joining together for worship and fellowship is precious and important.  So, if you are comfortable being out and about, please come.  This whole arrangement won’t last forever, and the Lord is sufficient to see us through.

We continue to pray for the various physical needs within our Church family and for those who are shut-in.  And, for all of these, we pray the Lord to encourage their minds and hearts with His truth and to grow them in their walk with Him through this.

As was mentioned last Sunday, there are some outside projects at the church building that are available for anyone who would like to help.  The outside of the windows need to be washed and there is some weed-whacking that needs to be done.  Thank you to all who have helped with Spring cleanup in the building.

This would have been the week that our young men went off to the Philippines.  Unfortunately, they had to postpone their trip.  But we pray that the Lord will open up the opportunity for them to go at some point in the future.  Please pray for the Lord’s direction as they pursue a refund on their airfare.

Because of the virus shut down the summer Bible camp has been canceled for this year.  We are still looking at having our VBS in the middle of July, depending on the comfort level of parents to send their children.  If you are a parent or you know parents who may be interested in sending their children to VBS, we would be interested in hearing from you to get a sense of what people are thinking and whether we should proceed.

May the Lord enrich your mind and heart with His truth as we worship together today.  May He encourage you with instruction from His Word and empowering by His Spirit for faithful sojourning this week.

Journeying with you,

Pastor Guy