Sunday, August 31, 2014

Posted on Sep 1, 2014


2 Chronicles 6 records King Solomon’s address to the congregation of Israel and his prayer to the Lord following the completion of the Temple in Jerusalem. After acknowledging God’s faithfulness to fulfill His Word to building the Temple, Solomon speaks of God’s promise that David would not fail to have a son sitting on the throne of Israel. Having reiterated the requirement that this son walk according to the Law of God, Solomon continues in verse 17:

“Now therefore, O LORD, God of Israel, let Your word be confirmed which You have spoken to Your servant David.”

This request that God let His word be confirmed indicates that Solomon was looking to the Lord to bring to pass those things that He required for David’s son to remain on the throne. Although, certainly, Solomon had a responsibility, a responsibility he ultimately failed to fulfill, had he remained faithful to the Word of God, it would have been because God brought it to pass.

As it was for Solomon, so it is for all God’s children. God is the God who works for those who wait for Him (Isa.64:4). He is the One who fights for us. And, for those of us who live this side of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, the new covenant people of God, the power by which we live faithful to Christ is the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Even as we have considered in recent weeks, every step of faithfulness to Christ that we take is by the indwelling Spirit of Christ. Every God-pleasing, God-glorifying act that we perform, every Christ-like affection, motivation, and action is the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s work within us. It is a work of God’s grace – His favor towards us.

This is so encouraging because it means that faithfulness to Christ is not a work that I must strive to accomplish by my own, unaided effort. It is not a task that God has left me to do on my own, but rather, a task that God works in me by His own perfect power.

It is true that I must fight the fight of faith. I must say no to the flesh and yes to the Spirit. I must actively pursue a knowledge of Christ through the Word of God. I must determine to follow Christ and take the steps to live out that determination. But all of this I do in full dependence upon the Holy Spirit. This I do, looking first, and always, to the empowering of the Spirit of Christ, entreating God to grant the Holy Spirit to be the empowering, motivating, directing, and fruit-producing reality in my life. Like a sailing vessel upon the sea, the Holy Spirit will be the wind that fills the sails that are my affections, motivations, and actions so that, at every point along the journey, the ship, that is my life, will be on course, and arrive at its God-intended, God-glorifying destination.

Let us follow the example of Solomon and plead God to confirm His Word in our lives, bringing to pass His pleasure in all that we do. That is a prayer that God delights to answer.

Serving you in Christ’s name,

Pastor Guy