Posted on Aug 13, 2016

After a very busy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and because of a change in plans due to the weather, Friday and Saturday have been R&R days.

Having said that I need to clarify, Friday was a very busy day.  We traveled out to the province of Cavite to visit a couple of ministries.  The first was Jabez Christian Center, the home of Camp Jabez, Jabez Christian School and Home of Joy.  This is where Geni and I were last October for the Pastoral Care conference with CGM (Christian Growth Ministries).  Our dear friend, Rosalie Fornales, was there.   Rosalie is the director of CGM and she graciously showed us around the grounds and introduced us to some of the staff.  The school has a brand new facility which has enabled them to expand to all twelve grades.  We saw Home of Joy, a haven for orphaned, abandoned and neglected Filipino children.  We also saw the camp ground and the chapel where the conference was held last fall.

Following this we drove to Lake Teal in hopes of seeing the lake in which there is a volcano in which there is lake (did you follow that?).  Our original plan was to cross by boat to the lsland and then hike up to see the lake in the volcano.  But the rain and wind made crossing impossible, so we had to settle for looking out across the lake from the deck of the restaurant where we had lunch.  It was a beautiful view, quite stunning, I’m sure, on a clear day.


After lunch we traveled back to visit 2nd Mile, a vocational training center where young men and women can receive instruction in wood-working, computers, welding, automotive and sewing so that they are able to get good jobs to support themselves and their future families.  The staff was very gracious and showed us around the grounds.  They also shared some of the staff needs they have.  We pray God to raise up the next generation of faithful servants to carry on the work there.

After second mile we headed back to town.  Along the way we stopped and Robby bought us some of the native fruit to enjoy.  He also bought a couple of coconuts so that we could enjoy drinking the “milk” and eating some of the meat.

DSC07611  DSC07613

It took us four hours to get back from Cavite to the guesthouse.  The traffic was very heavy due to the fact that it was Friday afternoon.  Part of that time was spent in a torrential down pour.  The water in the streets was like a rushing river. It was about 6:30 when we got back and so, after taking care of some necessities we struck off across the street through the rain to McDonald’s for dinner.

Robby and Deanna Nichols, and their daughter, Ellie, traveled with us on our excursion.  They have been great.  In fact, without them our whole time in the Philippines would have looked very different.  We are so thankful for them and we are looking forward to introducing them to you all next summer when they are State-side for a couple of months.

Today we were planning to visit a water fall where the kids would be able to do some swimming .  But, Brent has been down with a bit of something, and most everyone was a little weary from the week, and with the week ahead which will be some of our most challenging work, we decided to stay here at the Guesthouse and enjoy a quiet day of rest.  It has been good.  We had our team meeting and then played some games.  Then, after lunch several disappeared into their rooms for a nap (me included).

This evening we have dinner with Vance and Melaine Espino.  They are graciously hosting us at Daddy’s Merianda where they took Geni and I last fall.  It will be fun to visit with them.

The Lord has richly blessed us.  We have enjoyed conversation with some of the other missionaries who are here at the Guest house.  He has also seen us through a very demanding week.  We have enjoyed our time in the Word, Philippians 2.  This morning we worked on memorizing vs.6.  We give thanks for His goodness and glory for all that has been accomplished.