PRAYER for GEM in Brussels

Posted on Mar 23, 2016

Please join us in prayer for Brussels, Belgium and specifically for Greater Europe Missions.

GEM has posted the following press release. You can visit here for more information.

March 22, 2016. Around the world, there are signs of solidarity with the people of Brussels.

Today, we also stand in unity and kneel prayer with Belgium and all of Europe.

Yet another attack on innocent citizens and tragic loss of life like this re-enforces the need for the saving message of love – the Gospel – to permeate Europe. As we were reminded a few months ago by French field leader Charles Cross in Paris, “This is not only a war of bullets and suicide bombers; there is a spiritual battle raging across the continent.”

We are thankful to report no injuries to any of GEM missionaries, but know the many nationals and partners they are connected to have been in the bowels of this nightmare and need God’s sure touch. Plese pray for the many hurting today and that through all the questions, God would use this terrible event to draw people to Himself.

While we mourn with the people of Belgium, here are ways to pray with us and our team in Brussels:

– That further attacks would be thwarted.
– Against the spirit of fear and panic that could grab hold of the people.
– For the local and law-enforcement authorities to have wisdom in knowing how to deal with the situation.
– That EU leaders make wise, Spirit-prompted decisions.
– That God’s people would be examples of His love and grace in the way they react.

Home of the European Union headquarters, Brussels has been housing many country-leaders throughout the year as they make decisions that effect so much of Europe. Knowing the importance of what goes on in this city, such attacks seem to communicate loud opposition to the work being done here.

Jan Jambon, a deputy prime minister and the interior minister of Belgium, has announced that the country will be in a state of mourning for three days, please consider joining in by not only mourning, but praying for this amazing city and nation.

About Greater Europe Mission (GEM):

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