In Transition

Posted on Aug 11, 2016

Due to a typhoon we have experienced an unexpected change in our schedule.  We were slated to travel south and out to the Island of Mandoro where Threads of Hope is located.  But due to unpassable seas we were not able to go.  So, instead, we enjoyed a leisurely last morning at Cloud 9 and then met up with Robby, Deanna, and Elie Nichols at Green Hills mall where we enjoyed Starbucks, Subway and some shopping at the venders in the Mall.  There is a flea market-like area at Green Hills where they sell fresh water pearls and other types of jewelry.  It is a fun place to visit and barter with the shop keepers (all friendly-like of course).  Several team members bought souvenirs to take home to moms and sisters.

DSC07569 DSC07586


Tomorrow we will do some site-seeing as well as visit a couple of ministries.  One of those ministries is camp Jabez where Geni and I were last October for the CGM pastors’ conference.  We are hoping to see our good friend Rosalie Fornales.  She is the director of CGM that has its office at camp Jabez.  Home of Joy, an orphanage, is also there and we are hoping to visit.

Our time at Floodway was indescribably blessed.  Both the VBS and basketball camps went very well.  Each camps started with about 60 kids, but by the last day there were over 160 at each.  Can you imagine doing a basketball camp on a single court with 160 campers?  It was amazing; controlled chaos.  We are so thankful for Robby and our Filipino helpers because, without them, it would have been impossible.  Pastor Bong and his team were delightful and our visits with the members from the church was also a blessing.

It has been fun sharing pictures and visiting with some of you on Whats app.  Thank you for your prayers.

Pastor Guy