Dinner out at Dad’s World Buffet

Posted on Aug 13, 2016

Last evening the team was hosted for dinner at Dad’s by Vance and Melaine Espino.  Dad’s is a buffet restaurant at Mega Mall that features cuisine from all over the world.  You can find everything from Filipino to American food; Chinese, Japanese, Australian, etc.  Of course there were some adventuresome attempts to eat new things.  Jonathan eat some escargot and I was handed some squid sushi.  Thanks to some vinegar and soy sauce I managed to eat it.

Along with Vance and Melaine, Pastor Bob Amigo and his wife, Suki, were there, together with Robby, Deanna and Ellie Nichols.  We had a wonderful time visiting.  A four-piece Filipino band took favorites and so we enjoyed rousing renditions of Blue Suede Shoes and LaBamba.

Today we will join the fellowship at Floodway for services.  Geni and Jodi will be teaching a Sunday school class for about 15 children, Keziah will share a testimony, and I will be bringing the message.  We look forward to today, although it may be a bit of an adventure in that there has been torrential rain fall off and on all night!!  This is definitely the rainy season.

Brent is feeling a little better and is planning to go with us to church.  Because of the rain we will not be going out to Camp New Beginnings this afternoon.  Rather, we will stay at the Guesthouse tonight and head up to camp tomorrow morning.  That’s one thing about missionary life; you have to be flexible.

Thanks to all for your prayers.  Pleases keep us before the Lord for strength as we look to the days ahead.